How Our Baby Proofing Service Began

About six months after the birth of our first child in 2009, my son gave me the distinct impression that he wanted to be mobile and would be on the move very soon.  I set out to prepare our home for him and did what most parents do — head to the high street to purchase child safety devices. What I found was disappointing because it was hard to identify exactly what would work and what was my best option.  Upon my return, I searched the Internet and looked through a few sites. I ordered what I thought I needed, and waited for everything to be shipped. Though most of the products were good quality, many did not fit correctly or required some extensive DIY skills to install.  Eventually I found the right mix of products for my home.  In speaking to some of our NCT friends, I found that I was not alone.  They were having the same problems.  Having done a fair amount of research, I was able to help them find what they needed and thought I could help other London families during this transition.

From this experience, Baby Safe Homes was developed for the UK.  Drawing on the extensive experience and training offered by Baby Safe Homes in the United States, we set out to make this service available to new parents throughout London and soon the rest of the UK.

Baby Safe Homes Today

NCT Third Birthday PartyWe are members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) and other accredited business organisations and we are licensed, bonded and insured. We work closely with nurseries, health visitors and other childcare professionals to exchange ideas and discuss the most recent child safety issues. We ensure the highest level of satisfaction through our quality workmanship, top-rated products and excellent customer service.

We Know Our Safety Products

Baby Safe Homes is more than an equipment reseller. We LIVE this business and understand your challenges in providing a safe environment for your growing family.

  • We offer you only the highest quality products available because the last thing you need is an inferior, difficult to use product.
  • We eliminate the guesswork and frustration of purchasing products that don’t work or that break too easily.
  • We test every product before they are installed in your home or are offered for sale to you.

We are an AUTHORISED Dealer/Reseller

Unlike many other merchants, we are an authorised dealer and reseller of our products. This is very important to you the consumer because if you purchase your product from an unauthorised reseller, the manufacturer is under no obligation to stand behind the warranty. You can be confident when purchasing from Baby Safe Homes that not only will we stand behind the warranty, the manufacturer will too. Purchase from us with confidence!